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September 30, 2022

The Morristown Winter market in full bloom at Convent station in Morristown. Check to make sure wee are open. Starts at 9:30 and runs until 1. Its always best to text ahead because I sell out early…. email me or text at 908-642-1387 to make sure I save what you need

Organic this week

Baby Spinach Lettuce mix   Mushrooms: Oyster, Shiitake, Cremini, Portobella

Collards Ginger  Turmeric     Watermelon Radish    Baby Beets     Onions

Cauliflower    Broccoli   Potatoes   Sweet Potatoes Cabbage Celery

Old stand bys

Radish  Pesto   Hummus   Compound Butters  Peppers

Honey  Pickled Vegetables   Black Garlic  Tinctures    Fire Cider   Elderberry Syrup

Cucumber Kimchee   Pastured Eggs


Pine Honey-  Great for sore throats

New tinctures   Stop by

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