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Fresh Products
Fresh Products

Sunday at Morristown 3/19. The Morris Farmers market is at Convent station from 9:30-1. Hope to see you. Some new items are.....Org Frog Balls which are pickled Brussel Sprouts, Cowboy butter, Cowboy BBW Sauce, and Pickled Dilled Cucumber Spears. Cucumber Kimchee is back. We have a new line of herbal and mushroom tinctures. Many things go fast so you can text me before 9 am Sunday to save you something. 908-642-1387

Out main items this week are:

Black Garlic

Org Baby Spinach

Organic Lettuce Mix

Organic Onions

Pastured Eggs

Org Shiitake Mushrooms

Organic White Button Mushrooms

Organic Oyster Mushrooms

Lions Mane Mushroom, Elderberry, Ashwagandha tinctures and more

Org Broccoli/Cauliflower

Org Cucumbers


Cucumber Kimchee

Organic Hummus

Pestos- Basil and Sun Dried Tomato

Pickled vegetables

Fire Cider and Elderberry Syrup

Org Grape Tomatoes

Org Carrots

Organic Ginger

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You can flavor your food with our garlic.

We sell products related to garlic and then some. Garlic bulbs, peeled and freeze dried, healthy black garlic, spices, pickled garlic (Garlickles®), hummus, pesto, garlic sprays, specialty butters such as Garlic butter and VutterTM (a vegan alternative to butter), sunchokes and sun dried tomatoes.

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring fresh NJ grown garlic and garlic related products to the market and move people away from the many months old Chinese garlic in most supermarkets. 80% of garlic in the supermarket is Chinese. Look at the roots, if the root base is dug out... it's most likely Chinese. I also love teaching people about garlic, from how to grow, proper ways to cook with it and share great recipes.
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  • Habanero powder
    "Real 100% habanero! Amazing and just what I wanted, spiciness and all! Thanks for the hand written personal note :)"


    Black garlic Fire cider
    "I absolutely love this fire cider. I make my own sometimes but it’s never as tasty as the black garlic one! Shipping is always insanely fast too."


  • Habanero powder
    "This black garlic is delicious! I have been eating it like candy!! I bought extra to give as Christmas gifts and will buy more in the future. Great product, excellent service, happy customer!!"


    Black garlic Fire cider
    "This item is exactly as described. I can taste every little ingredient. It has a good amount of heat, which I like, buy be aware! Our family had COVID last month, and I had some lingering congestion, but this has really helped me start to feel like myself again. Thanks."


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Upcoming Market Events

The way things stand, for 2023, I will only be doing Sunday markets, internet sales and local deliveries. It has been very hard to hire someone and it has been too much for me to do everything by myself. I would eventually love to find a partner so we can continue bringing great products to market. If that happens, I will continue to expand to more markets.


Morris Winter Farmers Market

Convent Station
1 Convent Road
Morris Township, NJ 07960
Dec 4th-April
9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Local Market availability for certain products. They only carry a few items. If you dont see what you are looking for, ask them to order in

The Farmers Table Farm Store in Stockton, NJ

Address: 567 Rosemont Ringoes Rd. Stockton NJ 08559 

Hours: Wednesday- Sunday 10-4 

Branchburg's Best- A great place for breakfast and lunch

1165 U.S. 202
Branchburg, NJ 08853
p. (908)2554075

Monday-Friday: 6am-4pm
Satuday: 6am-3pm
Sunday: 7am-2pm

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Wholesale Available

Freshly Grown

We grow our products the organic method with no pesticides and use only natural fertilizers. Our products are available on line or fresh products, locally on a retail basis. They are also available wholesale. Please contact us for wholesale prices.
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