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I'm a retired pharmaceutical marketer and after 37 year I moved from "Pharma to Farming". My family and I live in a 190 year old home in the middle of an old milking farm in Branchburg, NJ. As I moved toward retirement, I wanted to look for things to do in retirement and gentleman farming was a thought. Being in marketing for 20 years, I looked around at local markets to see what was missing and I noticed not many were selling garlic and the ones that were, it was relatively small and scraggly. As I looked more into the feasibility of garlic as a crop, I found that garlic's health benefits made it a focus for me.

I’ve always loved garlic. Living in the San Francisco Bay area in the 80’s, I fell in love with garlic, due part to the Gilroy area plus the great Italian restaurants, especially with garlic bread made with San Francisco sour dough bread

I also love to cook and garlic is a major part of a tasty health meal. Please check our recipes


We sell products related to garlic and then some. Garlic bulbs, peeled and freeze dried, healthy black garlic, spices, pickled garlic (Garlickles®), hummus’s, pesto’s, garlic sprays, specialty butters such as Garlic butter and VutterTM (a vegan alternative to butter), sunchokes and sun dried tomatoes. In September '19 we started brewing a black garlic "Fire Cider" which is selling well. Our goal is to create products sourced from our farm, then New Jersey, then the US and finally growers I know and trust. We look for New Jersey or US fresh that is healthy and without chemicals or preservatives. Products that are farm to table whether on your home table or a night out at a great restaurant. We grow our products the organic method with no pesticides and use only natural fertilizers. Our products are available on line or fresh products, locally on a retail basis. They are also available wholesale. Please contact us for wholesale prices.

Unfortunately, we don’t sell the fresh products via the mail. For local delivery or pick up at farmers markets I attend, please go to NJGarlic.square.site. We delivery for free within a 25 mile radius of Flemington with a minimum order of $25
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