Black Garlic


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Black garlic is a fermented garlic. It is regular garlic bulbs that are held at a constant temp and humidity for over 2-3 weeks. The result is very unique product. Its texture is soft with hints of balsamic vinegar, tamarind and anise with a mild garlic taste.

Be wary of many of the Black Garlic you can buy on line. First, some home makers of BG use Chinese garlic which is bought very cheaply. You can tell buy looking at the roots of the bulb. If there are no roots, its most likely Chinese Garlic. Also, if the clove is still crunchy like raw garlic, or has a strong garlic taste, the person didn't ferment long enough. That way if they sell by the pound, then make more or there is a faster turn over. 

My garlic first comes from my farm. It's currently out of season. To make my black garlic out of season,  I will first find a good garlic from  the US or a reputable grower elsewhere. Never Chinese garlic.

There are 2 or 3 large heads per bag  Check the tab "Black Garlic" on my website for recipes.